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Turbo CB400F

This was a project that in hindsite consumed way to much time and effort. At the time I thougt thatdesigning and building a bike from scratch wihout constraints would be easier than building something with adapted bodywork/frame etc.

Turned out I was wrong. I completely designed this bike in Solidworks 3D before I ever started building it. The upside of doing things this way is that you are pretty sure that things are going to fit before you start building and you can run Finite Element Analysis design studies on parts and assemblies to ensure an adequate Factor of Safety on critical components.

The downside is the ability to continually redisign and redisign to the point where years can pass without actually building anything. A design like this is a compilation of systems, and revising one system can have a snowball effect, where just changing the length of the shock for instance, can mean a design change for the swingarm. linkages, frame mounts, bodywork, even all the way up to the triple clamps.

At some point you have to just stop and build. The first incarnation had fairing lowers.


This year I made some changes to the oil pan that effected the fairing and belly pan mounting. The belly pan survived, the fairing didn't.


Here are the specs of the build:


Honda CB400F 4 cylinder, air cooled

Capacity - 400cc - 51mm bore x 50mm stroke

Compression ratio 9.4:1

Redline 10,000 rpm

Stock power - 37HP @ 8,500 rpm, 24 lb-ft @ 7,500 rpm @ the crankshaft

Calculated power @ 10 PSI boost - 65HP, 44 lb-ft torque @ the crankshaft

Measured HP at wheel via G-Tech instrument - 54HP @ the wheel

Intake - Turbo>Intercooler>Upper Plenum>2 x 38mm CBR600RR throttle bodies>Log Style Lower Plenum>Injector Bodies

Intercooler - Bell core with custom end tanks

Turbo - Chinese VZ-21 (IHI RHB31 clone)

Stainless exhaust collector - hand built. Akrapovic titanium muffler

ECU - Microsquirt v3

Custom 12-1 trigger wheel, CBR600RR VR sensor

CBR600RR lower injectors (4) in custom injector bodies

CBR600RR Throttle Position Sensor

CBR600RR Fuel Pump

GM Air Temp Sensor

GM Coolant Temp Sensor

GM 2 bar sensor for MAP

GM 1 bar sensor for atmospheric Baro

Bosch 4 tower Logic Coil - Wasted spark

14Point7 Spartan 2 Wideband O2 controller/Bosch LSU 4.9

Other Engine upgrades

APE upgraded cylinder studs

Heavy duty cam chain

Barnett clutch plates

CBR600RR charging system

Hand built oil pan to accommodate turbo oil draining

CNC oil filter plate to fit oil cooler/turbo feed lines and fit a spin-on filter

Earl's curved oil cooler

Dished sprocket and bearing support to fit wider rear wheel


Wheels - Spun Aluminum Rims, CNC machined hubs and spokes. 120 x 17 front, 160 x 17 rear

Front Forks, front disk, front caliper, front axle - CBR954RR

Triple clamps and clip on bars - CNC

Frame - Hand built 1028 ERW mild steel, 6061-T6 plate

Subrame - CNC 6061-T6

Swingarm/shock - Aprillia Mille swingarm (narrowed), CBR600RR shock. Steel rocker Link (mimics CBR600RR ratio)

Rear disk - CBR600F1. Rear Caliper - Brembo. Rear Master cylinder - Honda CR250


Fairing mount, headlights - Buell Firebolt - magnesium

Fairing - Carbon Fiber

Front Fender - Carbon Fiber from unknown Yamaha - Hand formed and CNC aluminum mounts

Gauges - Koso RX-2, Accell boost gauge

Shorai Lithium battery

Custom Wiring harness

Tank - Hand formed 3003 aluminum

Seats - Hand built



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