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Technical Information

Ontario Moto Tech Information 

During the late 70's Ontario Moto Tech (really one man, Kaz Yoshima), was THE source for everything CB400F related.

CB400F Jetting 

 Here is some jetting info from Ontario Moto Tech from the man himself

Quick Turn Throttle Install 

Installation instructions for the quick turn throttle

CB400F Suspension Mods 

Suspension information from 1976 Cycle World Magazine

Ontario Moto Tech Exhaust Install 

Installation instructions for the OMT exhaust

Starter Motor Plug Kit 

Installation instructions for the Starter Motor Plug Kit

Rake & Trail Calculator 

Calculate the rake and trail when changing tires, shocks, forks, triple clamps.


Machining Software Calculators

Factory Pro Jetting Instructions

This is a must read before you start re-jetting to accomodate pod filters or a free flow exhaust. A great article from Marc Salvisberg at Factory Pro.

2005 CBR600RR Shock Rebuild

An excellent tutorial from Peter Verdone.

Frame Study

I did some FEA analysis of some various options for the CB400F. Stock Frame, braced stock frame, Egli frame, Trellis Frame.

CB400F Frame Bracing

I refined the above studies and limited them to practical solutions to bracing the stock CB400F frame


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