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Machined Stock Triple Clamp

Give your stock clamp a custom look while getting rid of the stock handle bar mounts.


Upper Photo is a clamp machined, sandblasted, and painted

Bottom photo is a machined and sandblasted clamp, ready for paint.



   Order it with or without the center pocket machining.

 The Tarozzi Std. bars are true clip-ons, and can be mounted at virtually any angle you like without any clearance issues, as shown on the left.

The Low Rise and High Rise bars cannot be swept back any more than shown on the right. The clamp will hit the tank if swept back any further.


 I didn't have a set of stock 400F bars on hand for comparison, but here is another set of superbike bars that have more sweepback than the stock bars.

So the Low and High rise bars are less like Clip-ons and more like lower handlebars.

   Notice the clearance between the clamp and the tank. Don't want to go much tighter than this.
   Std bar on the left fork tube, high rise on the right.

Remove mounts - $50.00

Remove mounts and add machined pocket - $70.00

Package Deal 1. Machined clamp and Tarozzi Std Bars - $195.00

Package Deal 2. Machined clamp and Tarozzi Low Rise bars - $209.00

Package Deal 3. Machined clamp and Tarozzi High Rise bars - $222.00



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