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CB400F Rearsets

I designed these rearset kit to meet a slightly different set of criteria than I normally would. I kept reading in forums that people were looking for rearsets for the 400F, but the existing offerings were too expensive, so I set out to design a set like nothing else currently available. I wanted them to be:

1 - A complete kit that provides all the parts required. Or, pick and choose the components that you need, and supply the rest yourself.

2 - High quality, and affordable

3 - Easily turned back to stock

4 - A fully compatible with any level of 400F, from bone stock to fully modified

5 - Flexible design that allows for customers to pick and choose their components to suit their requirements

Complete Kit

You can download a set of detailed parts drawings here . Along with the PDF drawings are a couple of Excel spreadsheets. One contains pricing for a Single Order, and the other is pricing for a Group Buy. I need to get at least 8 orders to do the group buy.

I can provide you with everything you need, every single nut, bolt, and washer. Or, maybe you have a good local supplier of hardware, or maybe you want to make some of the parts your self.  Simply look at the drawings, select the qty of parts that you want in the excel file, and email it back to me.


I wanted the rearsets to look good, and work reliably with a nice solid feel. I have seen some nicely machined Universal Rearsets on ebay from Taiwan, but I needed a supplier that I could count on to supply parts on an ongoing basis, and supply  a high quality product. To that end I sourced Tarozzi of a supplier of the core components of the kit. Tarozzi has been supplying rearsets, clip-ons, and other assorted parts for Japanese and Italian bikes since the early 70's. They also sell all the little hard to find parts like the splined brake and shift arms.

One way that I was able to keep the costs down is to supply some of the parts in their "raw" state. The aluminum carrier plates and the steel plates are supplied unfinished, as they are received from the laser/water jet cutter. I could have taken these parts to the powder-coaters, but it just adds to the cost. This way you can finish them as you see fit. Polish the aluminum, brush finish it, paint it, whatever you want. Same thing with the steel plates, paint them any color you want to match the style of your bike.

Full Compatibility

I know that stock 400F's are worth more than modified ones, so I wanted to put together a kit that  would be a simple bolt-on/bolt-off affair that could quickly be returned to stock in the event the owner wanted to sell the bike . These rearsets work with the stock exhaust/exhaust hanger loop, and re-use the stock brake arm spindle and brake rod to actuate the rear brake. One problem that I wasn't able to overcome completely was the clearance issue with the kickstart lever. There is just no way to use the kickstart with the Tarozzi brake lever, although in an emergency you could remove the brake lever tip, and the kickstart lever will then clear the brake lever. If you still have your electric start in place and don't use the kickstart, then there isn't an issue. If you have ditched the electric start and rely on the kickstart, then you will need to order the optional denoonsp brake lever. Unfortunately it is a complicated machined part to work with the adjustable Tarozzi rearsets, so it is unavoidable that it is a bit more expensive than I would have liked.

An alternative to the custom brake lever is to heat the kickstart lever with a torch and bend it until it clears the lever tip.

On the shifter side, you can re-use some of the parts from the stock 400F shifter linkage, or if you are missing those parts, I can supply Tarozzi components

Flexible Design

When designing the components for the kit I knew that there wasn't one set of dimensions for footpeg placement that would suit everyone. That was one of the reasons that I designed a two piece system of a steel main bracket, and an aluminum footpeg carrier. If you want something different in footpeg position from what I have designed, you can just buy a chunk of 1/2" MDF and cut out different carrier brackets until you get the position you want. You can then cut them out of 1/2" aluminum yourself, or contact me and I can custom make you a set of brackets. Keep in mind that deviating from the supplied brackets means that you may be opening up a can of worms with regards to the brake rod linkage and shifter linkage.

The Tarozzi brake and shift levers are also fully adjustable, so once you get the linkage distances worked out, you can alter the angle of the levers without affecting the linkage.

Get Started

You can download a set of drawings, and an excel spreadsheet that allows you to calculate the prices of a complete set.

Customers in Canada will be charged shipping and GST. If you live in a province that charges HST, you will be charged shipping and GST/HST

American and International customers will only be charged for shipping.


Please note that these are photos of prototype parts. Some components shown that were CNC machined as a manufacturing method will be supplied "as recieved" from the laser/waterjet supplier. To see a prepresentative sample of the edge quality of waterjet aluminum, see here. To see representative sample of a the edge quality of laser cut steel, click here. I reserve the right to alter detail design on production parts.



Shown with the Tarozzi brake arm.


Bare steel mounting brackets


Brake Stop Detail - I have altered the brake stop to include a setscrew. Testing indicated that it could back-off it's position during use.



Fitment shown with a stock exhaust.


The kickstart lever just clears the brake lever tip.



Details of custom denoonsp brake lever.









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