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CB400F QuickTurn Throttlekit         

Parts and installation instructions 
Refer to exploded assembly drawing for parts identification

  1. Lay the parts out on a clean working surface. Check parts in kit to the parts list to ensure no parts are missing.
  2. Disassemble the carburetor assembly using a workshop manual for this model.
  3. Once all of the parts have been stripped off, you will be left with the main plate sub-assembly. Further disassembly requires that the steel pin securing the main shaft to the plate be drilled out.
  4. Carefully locate and center punch the steel pin.
  5. Using a drill press, and a sharp 3/32” drill bit, drill out the head of pin approximately 1/16” deep. Switch to a 1/16” bit, and carefully drill down the pin. You will feel the bit go thru the pin at the bottom. Drill very slowly and be sure the main plate is held in place securely. Any movement will cause the bit to break, or drill off center. Once thru, change back to the 3/32“ bit and redrill the hole. The remainder of the pin should come out with the drill bit. (If it doesn’t, you may have to redrill the hole again with a 1/8” bit) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRILL OUT THE PIN WITHOUT A DRILL PRESS
  6. You can now loosen the bolts on both collars, and slide the collar and stock throttle cam off the shaft.
  7. Slide the new throttle cam (Item 5) on to the shaft in reverse order, replace the bolts on the collars with the provided setscrews (Item 4), and reassemble the shaft into the main plate.
  8. Slide one of the 3/8” x 1/16” nylon washers (Item 3) provided onto the ends of the shaft before re-installing the actuator arms.
  9. Install the new throttle cable receiver bracket (Item 6).
  10. Reassemble the carburetor assembly as per your shop manual.
  11. Once everything is back together, you can adjust the throttle stop. Slacken the adjusting bolt (Item 2) and back it out until the throttle rotates open all the way. The limiting factor here is the slide assembly hitting the underside of the cap on top of the carburetor. If you look into the mouth of the carb as you are opening the throttle, you will see the slide clear the bore of the carb, then continue to rise for 2 or 3 mm before the slide hits the cap. Adjust the stop bolt to stop the slide approx. midway between where it clears the bore, and hits the cap.




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